An active shooter is an armed person who is engaged in the activity of unidentifiably shooting people in crowded or populated places. Most often, an active shooter does not kill targeted or assigned people. History proves that active shooting is an unpredictable act. An active shooter may use any type of explosive material including radioactive

Like many other industries, burglary is also an industry that subsumes some dark secrets and dirty tactics. The burglars definitely don’t want you to know these secrets to keep their profession safe. However, here we have found a treasure chest of secrets that the burglars in your vicinity might be hiding. There are Three Types

Burglars live off deception. To their surprise, you can use the same trait to counter them by installing some unique security gadgets in your residential property. Let’s have a look at some of the smartest security gadgets available on the market. 1. Infrared Security Light Many people have dim and shaded doorways that act as

Despite the cold weather, the warm-hearted people of Canada celebrate every moment of their lives in the form of concerts, parades, and festivals. However, parades, rallies, and festivals can serve easy targets for attacks. The following guidelines can help you reduce the security risks in public areas. Indicators of Terrorist Activity The common instances of

On November 13, 2015, armed terrorists entered a concert hall in Paris. The massacre that followed left 130 people dead and more than 100 people seriously injured. As the security threats in public places continue to increase globally, it is necessary to equip public areas with protective measures. The following guidelines will help you understand

4 Security Tips to Apply in Commercial Buildings Commercial buildings like shopping malls, community centers, and retail centers are mostly located in large areas. According to estimates, a majority of the Canadian shopping and retail centers are located at more than 10,000 sq.ft area. Apart from a few basic security tactics, it is difficult to

Technically, there are two types of security systems – physical and cyber security. However, the physical security of an organization greatly depends on modern IT. Physical security from SWAT Protection Services Inc., integrated and powered by cyber security helps ensure protection from theft of important assets and organizational data. Integrated physical and cyber security stitch

Residential and commercial properties face a risk of encountering different types of threatening situations like fire, theft, intrusion, and vandalism. By hiring the services of a security company, you can not only minimize the risk but also stay prepared for any unforeseen situations. When you choose a security company, you hand over the security responsibilities

While many people believe their residential area to be safe, it is important to consider that the security of the building is still at stake. Residential security risk assessment is the process of evaluating the security of a residential building and finding out the lapses that may turn into risky situations. The purpose of security